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January 30, 2000 | :30

The Wall Street Journal was a News Corp. sibling of Fox Broadcasting in 2000, but that didn’t stop it from writing a big check to Disney’s ABC for 30 seconds of commercial time in Super Bowl XXXIV. And perhaps the game that would become known as the "Dot-Com Bowl” was perhaps the right one to host an ad, via Arnold Communications, that focused on

The Journal’s website would go on to become the envy of online publishers, not only for the quality of its product but because its readers happily paid for unlimited access -- handy when advertising dipped, as it would in the dot-com bust and again in 2008.

News Corp. made another Super Bowl appearance in 2011 to promote its iPad-only newspaper The Daily, this time able to take advantage of promotional time because the game aired on Fox ("America, Meet The Daily"). The parent company split up in 2013, keeping the Journal with an operation under the News Corp. name and putting Fox under 21st Century Fox. 

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