Budweiser - Scolding the Ferret

January 25, 1998 | :30

Bud’s popular, sprawling swampland series of ads began with Super Bowl XXIX in 1995, where D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles started it all ("Frogs"), before the premise was picked up by DDB Needham for Super Bowl XXX in 1996 ("Winter") and Goodby Silverstein & Partners for Super Bowl XXXII in 1998.

The series of ads here suggest the frogs are endangered, to say the least, but ultimately the assassination attempt in “Bad Day to Be a Frog” (No. 2 on that year’s USA Today Ad Meter) would lead to a public service announcement from Louie the Lizard ("Louie's PSA").

The characters had one more Super Bowl in them, coming back in 1999 for a series of send-off spots, again courtesy of Goodby (starting with "Frogs Fired").

Director: Tom Routson. Production company: Innervision Studios. Producer: Leslie Kahan. Creative Director: Jeffy Goodby. Copywriter: Steve Dildarian. Art Director: Todd Grant. Agency producer: Cindy Epps. 

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  • BrandBudweiser
  • Year1998
  • AgencyGoodby, Silverstein & Partners
  • Superbowl #XXXII
  • Quarter aired